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Taxi – San Pietro di Castello 364


The most famous Venice boat models for your kids to dream about the floating city

Pier oak

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Marco wrote to us: “Considering the origin of the raw material, and considering where I live, the inspiration was immediate and singular. A collection of Venetian boats. For tourists in a hurry, the Venetian gondola is the boat, though we can count a multitude of them, a true fleet of specialized hulls, not to mention the different variations which number is no less than 16. For now, the collection, which doesn’t include the gondola, features two models: the Vaporetto (water bus) or “bateo”
and the taxi.

San Pietro di Castello 364

Designed by Marco Zito

Marco Zito
Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 6 cm

Blue, Grey, Red

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