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Toy car – Lido


This apparently childish wooden toy car is a special version of a pocket flashlight beautifully designed and easily chargeable. Here at Pieces of Venice, when we have an objective in mind we’re very persistent in making it. We insisted and insisted with Matteo Ragni in order to get our “Lucciola” (flashlight).

Pier oak or Dock larch
Wheels in pier oak
Spare wheel with or without a small light.

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Matteo surprised us once again by proposing an object with a double purpose: a little toy car for children, which features a spare tire that, when removed, converts it into a pocket flashlight.

And it also has a rechargeable battery! Matteo himself named this product after ‘Luciana’ in honor of our Luciano who was so insistent about having it. We call it Lido, the part of Venice where it’s possible to drive a car and where we have our headquarters.
Made of dock larch or pier oak, the little toy car is a precious element to bring into your home when coming back from Venice: while being a toy can only be put as a precious decorative element into your house to tell a story to everyone will look at it. Every dock in Venice has seen the history of a thousand of boats, merchants, normal people, tourists. Every single piece of wood in Venice is a piece of History.


Designed by Matteo Ragni

Matteo Ragni
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 8 cm

Con pila, Senza pila


Larice di pontile, Rovere di bricola

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