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Vision – Dorsoduro 701


It’s a tiny kaleidoscope and, unlike all of the others, it fits in your hand or in your pocket. Also unlike the others, inside there are tiny beads of Murano glass, precious and beautiful small handmade traces of an art that is at risk of extinction. It was a challenge for Mariapia to keep the kaleidoscope’s size so minimal; she had to research and test lenses, binoculars, peepholes and every type of optical system until she finally found a solution. The name is the address of the Guggenheim Museum, one of her favorites, the wrought-iron entrance of which is inset with pieces of Murano glass that reflect the sunlight.

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Dorsoduro 701

Designed by Mariapia Bellis

Mariapia Bellis
Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 11 cm
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