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Companion objects


Companion objects — 3 visions & 4 sounds

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The memory of a city to take with you to other cities and with which you can travel other roads…”. Strolling through this city of words, sounds, clamour and rare silences, of marvellous visions, secrets and the unexpected, you can discover and understand the 7 places that inspired Mariapia when she lived in Venice, steeped in sunlight or in fog.

Mariapia wanted to join in our enthusiastic interest in a project for Venice and created with parts of Venice. She designed these ‘companion objects’, to be hidden in a pocket or in your hand, one for every district of Venice. “A companion object that makes noise, discreetly, which you can stroke like an amulet, or pull out as if it were binoculars – not to focus on distant details, but rather to multiply and distort the city’s views, or invent new ones.

Designed by Mariapia Bellis

Mariapia Bellis
Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 11 cm
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