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Fan – Castello 5183


The wooden hand fan is the product that best represents how the Pieces of Venice team is cohesive and totally integrated. The brief for this product is the result of the desire of the three owners to have a very Venetian object, but also one that was very summery, and also redesigned and finally something technologically innovative: a fan that would encapsulate all of these design values.

Pier oak

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We thought of asking Lorenzo Palmieri, who describes the Venetian hand fan as: “…a transformative object par excellence, it’s there when you need it but then can quickly disappear with a small gesture.” When we saw the first design with the “shovel” flared out, we fell in love with the shape, but we wanted to make our own contribution, bringing the technology, so we went to Edillegno to choose the Pier Oak veneer that could be magically softened and made flexible by our friend and inventor Alberto Martinuzzo.

We wanted to be able to roll it up and store it inside the hollow handle as a truly innovative version of an Italian hand fan. Alberto certainly had the result in hand but once the wood was rolled up it didn’t want to spread out again. Karin then reminded Alberto of a magical product with shape memory that they had already used in the past when they worked together.

This magic sheet, perfect for reuse, being transparent, had survived in Alberto’s garden where he was using it to cover a small greenhouse. His poor tomato plants were temporarily deprived of their roof, which became the core of Castello 5183, the fan that will willingly refresh you again after you’ve eaten and had a drink with Mauro Lorenzon at Mascareta.


Castello 5183

Designed by Lorenzo Palmeri

Lorenzo Palmeri
Weight 142 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 6 cm

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Larice di pontile, Rovere di bricola

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