Vaporetto – Tronchetto 33


The most famous Venice boat models, the vaporetti (boats used by the Venetian as water buses), are still in use and were built by Cantieri Navali De Poli, the history of which is a cornerstone of Italian shipbuilding industry.

Immersed part in dark pier oak and emerged part in light pier oak.

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In reference to this design of the vaporetto model wooden games, Marco Zito says: “Considering the origin of the raw material, and considering where I live, the inspiration was immediate and singular. A collection of Venetian boats. For tourists in a hurry, the Venetian gondola is the boat, though we can count a multitude of them, a true fleet of specialized hulls, not to mention the different variations which number is no less than 16. For now, the collection, which doesn’t include the gondola, features two models: the vaporetto (water bus) or “bateo” and the taxi.

The shapes of the two boats are so iconic that it was enough to reproduce the most striking lines and surfaces in the wood to evoke the vessels. Small sculptures, pleasant to touch and smell, floating on our tables.”
Many of the vaporetti boats that you can see floating in the Lagoon still depart from the island of Tronchetto, where you can also find the ACTV headquarters, located at number 33.

Tronchetto 33

Designed by Marco Zito

Marco Zito
Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 6 cm

Blue, Grey, Red

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