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Vaporetto – Tronchetto 33 Rubelli


Our most iconic piece embellished in the hull part by Rubelli fabrics.

A unique souvenir of Venice, the ‘tronchetto 33’ vaporetto in the new version made from the wood of the old ‘briccole’ and recycled fabrics from the oldest Venetian weaving mill, Rubelli, that will take you back to Venice every time.




Immersed part in dark pier oak and emerged part in light pier oak.

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The vaporetto Tronchetto 33 is a souvenir of Venice that will take you along the waterways of the world’s most beautiful lagoon every time you look at it…

” In the beginning there was only one vaporetto, the “Regina Margherita”, which in 1881 on the occasion of the “Congress of Geography” took service on the Grand Canal, marked with the number 1.
A few years later the service between the islands and the mainland was extended. But don’t think that this now iconic means of transport inextricably linked to the cityscape was accepted peacefully: the gondoliers and other ferrymen long opposed the advent of the motor. But it was only a matter of time: the “vaporetto”, with this unique and distinguishable name – on a par with “gondola” – soon became the motorised means of transport par excellence, destined to enter the imagination along with everything typically Venetian.”
Alberto Toso Fei.

Many of the vaporetti boats that you can see floating in the Lagoon still depart from the island of Tronchetto, where you can also find the ACTV headquarters, located at number 33.

Tronchetto 33

Designed by Marco Zito

Marco Zito
Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 6 cm

Blue, Grey, Red

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