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Placemat – Rialto


A flexible wooden placemat made of “briccola”, the recovered wood of Venice, and dedicated to the famous Rialto bridge.

Worked with an innovative technology to make it flexible and cleanable this product is part of the Grand Canal collection, designed by Elia Venturini, which in this case shows the cut of the Rialto bridge, the most photographed and loved in Venice



Pier oak veneer with eco-leather (on the back)

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Thi placemat is a small tablecloth that is used to set a single place setting and that is why we have decided to offer a single placemat in addition to the set of 4 pcs.

Its practicality has conquered people not only inside their own home, but also in more formal places and in the restaurant one.

Normally they are in paper, plastic or fabric, but we offer you an original one in innovative wood, flexible, light and with a design laser cut that becomes a napkin holder!

They protect the table top from scratches, heat and stains – they are hygienic because they create a barrier between the table top and the crockery, cutlery and glasses – and of course they make your table more beautiful !

Made of briccola wood (pier oak)  recovered from the Venice lagoon, they are treated with an innovative technology that makes them flexible and light.

The Grand Canal placemats are laser cutted each with a different shape, inspired by the 4 famous bridges that cross the well-known canal, to obtain a built-in napkin holder!

The Rialto bridge, the oldest and most characteristic of the 4, took just three years to build in its current form and was inaugurated in 1592. It rests on 12,000 piles driven into the bed of the lagoon, they are made of the same wood as the bricole that we have reclaimed and recycled to make napkin holders, taxis and vaporetti as well as other creations from our collection.

If you come to Venice, be it on a private water taxi or a public va- poretto, be sure to enjoy the Grand Canal, perhaps at night when the magnificent palazzi and churches are magically reflected in its waters.



Questo prodotto è stato progettato da Elia Venturini

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 8 cm

Larice di pontile, Rovere di bricola

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