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Stools and Table – Campo San Barnaba


A special Limited Edition of 9 sets of stools and tables named Campo San Barnaba because it tells the story of Edoardo Gellner’s love for the sea and Venice.

Each set consists of 3 stackable stools and 1 coffee table with reversible top.

The coffee tables are inspired by the exceptional work of the architect Edoardo Gellner, while the stools are a faithful reproduction of his designs from the 1950s, the only exception being the material, in this case Venetian briccola oak wood recovered after years of being immersed in the waters of Venice

Pier oak 

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The name Campo San Barnaba was chosen to pay homage to the years spent in Venice by the architect Gellner, who studied architecture at the IUAV and lived in a palace on the third floor in Campo San Barnaba.

Edoardo Gellner was from Opatija and had a passion for boats. When he was young, he worked to be able to afford a boat, a passion so great that he was selected for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, although he did not go…

Edoardo Gellner, who was studying architecture at the IUAV University, lived in a palazzina in Campo San Barnaba, a magical place in the centre of the Dorsoduro Sestiere.

His bedroom faced the canal and thus, presumably, above the ‘sotto-portego’ and also looked onto the façade of the church of the same name, whose circular rose window may resemble the shape of the stool.

It was only in the late 1950s and early 1960s that these stools saw the light of day, as they were made for the Borca di Cadore colony (Eni’s Residential Village wanted by Enrico Mattei).

The three-legged coffee table, on the other hand, was designed by Michele Merlo – who now runs the Gellner studio – and is inspired by a series of tables that Edoardo Gellner made in the 1950s when he worked with carpenters in Cortina and, in particular, is based on a small table with a removable top (covered in parchment) that he exhibited at the 1951 triennial.

This has a removable top that can be reversed to be completely flat or with a profile for use as a tray.


Campo San Barnaba

campo san barnaba mappa

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 8 cm

Rovere di bricola

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