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Sound – Canaregio 3546


Little rainstick series to bring with you the sounds of Venice, the typical and unique noises of the city.

Canareggio 3546 is a small wooden tube made with Pier Oak studded with innumerable brass nails and tacks, inside there is birdshot. When you turn it upside down it produces a roaring sound like the pouring rain of a Venetian scravàssi(downpour). Finding the most suitable sound wasn’t easy. Trying the various materials and objects that could produce the sound she was looking for finally led Mariapia to a hunting and fishing store where, luckily, a willing vendor sold her “only” 1 kg of quail shot, the smallest of the silvery sounds, to experiment with. This tiny object takes its name from the address of the “il Suono Improviso” music school in Campo de l’Abazia, at the Misericordia where, many years ago, Mariapia learned the meaning of the sound that, suddenly, before becoming music, breaks the silence.

Pier oak

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Cannaregio 3546

Designed by Mariapia Bellis

Mariapia Bellis
Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 11 cm
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