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Raganella – Sant’ Erasmo


One of the most typical wooden musical instruments, from ‘Once upon a time’ Venetian children.
Within the wooden musical instruments this may seem more a noisemaker rather than a melodious music producer, but, it has been the favorite noisemaker of Venetian children for generations.

The echo of this particular object across the typical Venetian squares and alleys cannot be heard anywhere else if not in Venice. Only here it resounds perfectly. Lorenzo Palmieri reinterpreted the famous toy for Pieces of Venice.

Pier oak. Sound mechanism in harmonic steel.

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The tric trac, a ratcheted noise-maker or Raganella (little tree frog) that in Venetian dialect is called Racoeta, takes the name from the charming little animal that gladdens spring evenings with her singing.
We suggest you to go to the island of Sant’Erasmo in order to understand where the delicious vegetables that you find in the city’s markets and restaurants (and sometimes even on the mainland) are produced. This swath of land is green in the spring and it’s the ideal place to be, after sunset, to enjoy an amazing concert of tree frogs that will remind you of the musical instrument with which the boys used to accompany the Good Friday procession.

Lorenzo Palmieri, who was asked to reinterpret this item, didn’t limit himself to the design; he also reinvented the mechanism that makes the noise, obtaining a much smoother sound than the one produced by traditional models. It’s no surprise that we turned to a designer who is also a musician and who says: “the Raganellaor Tric Tracis actually a musical instrument, in this case, an un-tuned idiophone. This ‘Racola’ made of Pier Oak, maintains and enhances the primitive gesture and goes in search of a new sound, less invasive, looking to define a new standard.”


Designed by Lorenzo Palmeri

Lorenzo Palmeri
Weight 22.4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 8 cm

Blue, Grey, Red

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