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Pillbox – San Polo 2012


This wooden pill case is one of the very first experimental projects of Pieces of Venice. You can find the final version here, which is dedicated to one of the two oldest pharmacies in Venice, located in San Polo 2012.

Pier oak and magnetic parts

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When we were working out the design of the first pillbox, we created a flat parallelepiped in order to understand how much we could reduce the size while maintaining the storage capacity. Above all, we wanted to see how the hinge and locking mechanism would work. At first we used a rotating brass hinge that solved the problem very well; however, it didn’t survive the testing phase. The first users instinctively tried to take off the lid rather than rotating it and consequently, the fragile brass joint was unhinged and often destroyed as a result of these misguided attempts to use it.

Following a request by the production manager of the Cooperativa Futura, who wanted to standardize the 4 holes to limit the costs of tools and production, we worked on the design of the current magnetic hinge, which we’ve patented. It allows the pillbox to be opened by either rotating or pulling on the lid.

As you can see, this is not just a pill box: this is a real story of design and innovation, made of Pier Oak and little magnetic parts, to fulfill your needs still being elegant.

San Polo 2012

Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 11 cm
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