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Picture Frame -Sandro Gallo 136


These peculiar rustic wood picture frames are specifically designed to achieve two different goals: on one hand, this is a way to remember Venice, by showing every day a beautiful decoration object that narrates Venice itself. On the other hand, we wanted to offer you the possibility to customize the inside of the frame with photos, pictures or images that tell your personal story in your own personal style.

Dock larch or Pier oak

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Just take a thick plank of Dock Larch, with its whole history and ancient memories, and cut it into some thin sheets just a few millimeters thick that are then calibrated in order to glue them together and create a slender ‘sandwich’ that’s very straight and stable.

This is the panel, and we added a second stabilizing material, then we handed it to Luciano Marson, and we asked him to create an entry-level product for Pieces of Venice. The result is a picture frame that’s functional, basic, technological and playful. It’s also a real puzzle to assemble and clearly, we don’t furnish instructions.

Sandro Gallo 136

Designed by Luciano Marson

Luciano Marson
Weight 0.048 kg
Dimensions 14 × 19.5 × 0.3 cm

Dock larch, Pier oak

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