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Bookmark (4pcs) – San Polo 3052


A flexible bookmark made with the recovered wood of Venetian briccole (the poles that we see immersed in the lagoon that mark the navigable canals)

Made with cutting-edge technology that allows this wood to become flexible like a skin.



Pier oak  

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This flexible bookmark transforms into a napkin ring, thanks to the technology of Alberto Martinuzzo, the inventor of flexible wood.

We dedicate it to the most brilliant and renowned of Italian inventors: Leonardo da Vinci by pointing out to you an unexpected museum dedicated to him and located at San Polo 3052.

Here you can discover inventions, machines, drawings and full-sized, high-resolution reproductions of his masterworks, such as the Mona Lisa. For this simple object we’ve used the same reclaimed Bricola oak that we used to produce the Canal Grande placemats and napkin rings.

Who knows if Alberto has ever visited this interesting museum… certainly he was in Venice near Rialto to attend
the wedding of Karin and Luciano, the heart and soul of Pieces of Venice.

This flexible bookmark is an original, eco-sustainable and supportive gift because it is worked by the guys of Cooperativa Futura – read about our collaboration here

Give a design object that has lived a life of water in the most beautiful lagoon in the world.


San Polo 3052

mappa Venezia San Polo 3052 San Polo 3052 – museo Leonardo da Vinci

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