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Shoehorn – Castello 3829


This long wooden shoehorn is a “gentle object”, as Giulio said, an object that represents a caress ; a little help to avoid having to bend down to tie our shoes and preserve our backs, especially the most tired ones, but also a traditional object revisited in a modern key able to give beauty;

Pier oak

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Long wooden shoe horn and wooden cane: here at Pieces of Venice we can only think of two products as coupled with each other and, after having associated the walking stick with Covo, it was natural for us to dedicate the shoehorn to Covino.
This is the reason why their names sound similar, although they are not strictly related as in a parent-child relationship, but only due to fact that “Covo” is the name of the former warehouse where is the most famous restaurant is now located, in the old part of the city, something which Andrea Lorenzon has transformed with passion and skill into an intimate place, for which our taste buds are eternally grateful.

The Shoehorn is made by Lagoon Poplar  with the grip and base in Pier Oak.

The materials have been wisely chosen for their functional and aesthetical properties. Choosing a Pieces of Venice product means to bring beauty, functionality, top quality materials and a real memory of the floating city to your own, daily life.

Castello 3829

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti

Giulio Iacchetti
Weight 142 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 6 cm

Base + stem, Only stem

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