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Pillbox – San Marco 4598


The wooden pill case shaped as a drop dedicated to the oldest pharmacy in Venice: San Marco 4598. Very pleasant to hold in hand and own, this compact pill box can contain pills, seeds, little objects you want to have with you wherever you go. You can slip it in your pocket or keep it in your hand, feeling the warm sensation of the wood of Venice lagoon.

Pier oak with magnetic parts

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In the group of designers, we couldn’t leave out the man who was a great companion in travelling and in his love for wood, Carlo Cumini. We asked him for an object that was small, perhaps to fit in a pocket, that was pleasing to hold, caress, own and love.
As he usually does, Carlo didn’t respond with a drawing, but with a prototype that was ideal in form and function although still very embryonic and lacking a proper mechanism for opening and closing. We added the newly invented mechanism with magnetic elements and the game was set.
We started with an ergonomic model for study and, over the course of various evolutions, what was initially an egg became a drop and then a seed and can contain other items rather than pills that you can go to buy at one of the oldest pharmacies in Venice and more precise at number 4598 in San Marco

San Marco 4598

Designed by Carlo Cumini

Carlo Cumini
Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 11 cm
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