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Candleholder – Murano Faro 4177


A candle holder created from the recovery of Venetian ‘bricola’ wood and waste Murano glass that can hold a traditional candle or a small lamp.

The name of this object indicates the Murano Lighthouse, as can also be seen from its shape,

The base of the candle holder consists of 3 pieces held together by micro magnets which detach when needed to become 3 smaller candle holders.

(2 for tealights and 1 for a traditional candle or tealight)

An original gift that brings with it all the fragrance of the lagoon and a design object that can dress up your table and with the warmth of the flame make the atmosphere warm and cosy.

(1 traditional candle provided)


Pier oak and Murano glass

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A candleholder dedicated to the Murano lighthouse

“With its luminous path that lights up every six seconds, it shows boats the way into the lagoon, and is a sure point of reference for those who brave the pitfalls of the sea and seek a safe harbor in Venice at night.

The Murano lighthouse is all this, but also something more: at 32 meters, it is the tallest lighthouse in the entire lagoon, but above all, there has been a lighthouse on the island since the era of the Venetian Republic, La Serenissima. In the beginning, it was a wooden tower used as a lookout over the sea by day and, at night, fires were lit on its summit and then reflected outwards by mirrors.

Murano Faro 4177 brings with it the magic of light and history: glass offcuts known as “galottine” from glassware produced by NasonMoretti, and recycled “bricola” oak from the lagoon”.

Alberto Toso Fei,  Venezia 10 september 2022

This candleholder Murano lighthouse is part of a collection of design objects made from real Venetian briccole wood, which have lived a life of water immersed in the world’s most beautiful lagoon, and reclaimed Murano glass.

We suggest it as an eco-friendly gift idea or souvenir of Venice that is good not only for the environment, but also for people!

Murano Faro 4177

mappa murano_faro

Designed by Fucina Frammenti

Fucina Frammenti
Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm
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