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Pieces of Venice

Pieces of Venice is a enterprise project  conceived by Luciano Marson and managed together with his wife Karin, born out of their love for the city of Venice, for its materials, for its expert craftsmanship, for its beauty…

Pieces of Venice it’s a social enterprise that functions on circular economy principals with a short supply chain. Starting with the reclamation and recycling, discarded materials from Venice are given new life through industrial design projects that turn them into souvenirs or useful objects.

There is also a link between older and younger generations, through a story which is told…

The products are all dedicated to this city, unique in the world, starting with their names, which indicate an address—of a cultural institution, such as a museum, or of a business known for its excellence, such as a restaurant—drawing a map that leads the tourist to discover the city’s hidden treasures.

People can also purchase a simple board from a bridge rather than a piece of the same transformed into a paperweight or the seat of a swing. Pieces of Venice offers a whole series of interventions – including cutting, drilling, sanding, and applying a protective coating of vegetable oil. In this way, the materials can be processed to individual specifications on the basis of clear and precise cost estimates for both the raw materials and any subsequent processing.


Who we are

Pieces of Venice is born out of love for the city of Venice, that is expressed through environmental sustainability, support for social projects, and industrial design that imbues every single product with beauty.

Luciano and Karin Marson have further highlighted their commitment to the city by launching the ‘Save Venice one piece at a time’ initiative, contributing to the maintenance of the city center.

Wood from Venice

The materials used by Pieces of Venice communicate a profound sense of belonging to their place of origin.

They still hold within them a living memory and the fragrances of the lagoon and the city of Venice.

Pieces of Venice utilizes ship’s chains, the piers, and boardwalks of the city of Venice, anchors and old canal signal posts from the Venetian Lagoon, in order to give them a new life and purpose in their original form or in compositions or transformations

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Benefit company

As a Benefit Company, Pieces of Venice is both highly sensitive and socially aware and it entrusts the working and transforming of these materials to companies whose goals involve social revitalization and rehabilitation. In bringing products to market, Pieces of Venice is geared towards an audience that is not only attentive to the quality of the objects but also aware that part of the value of the purchased product will go to benefit society.

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