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Giancarlo Porti

Giancarlo Porti

 Giancarlo Porti is an architect and a designer of both interiors and home accessories, as a young boy he grew up amongst the designer furniture in his father’s store. He was familiar with and surrounded by the furniture of Eames, Aalto, and Jacobsen as well as that of Gardella, BBPR, and Albini while he played with Kay Bojesen’s wooden monkey.

Over time, his passion for design was united with an equal passion for photography, graphics, art, and music – all combined with an unconditional love for Venice.

Together with a strong playful element, these are some of the primary inspirations for his designs, which range from Murano glass vases for Salviati, to a variety of lamps and home accessories for eumaKeit (3D printed objects), and for TrackDesign (furnishings in Corten steel and other metals).

Some of these designs have been exhibited at various trade fairs and events in Paris, Milan, London and…Venice.


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